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Our Principles & Approach

Core Principles

Transparency | Simplicity | Openness

Our business story is grounded on core principles of transparency, simplicity and openness, underpinned by pervading notion of complete focus on creating a long-term relationship with our clients.

We have gathered a team of industry professionals who share a vision of how Swotted Investment Managers can and should operate, and is united by a shared belief in the value of transparency, simplicity and openness. Most importantly, we are committed to the goal of exceptional long-term management of our clients’ investment.

Our Approach

Return Driven Project Selection | Disciplined Strategy | Protecting Investors’ Capital

Our approach is focused not only on discovery of price, but also on the value. We believe that by focusing on valuation and identifying projects that can deliver sustainable growth, now or in the future, we can deliver long – term outcomes to our investors.

In our approach we deliver rigorous fundamental analysis of projects, combined with our perspective of the economic variables that may have impact on them. This enables us to construct robust investment rationales.

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“We do not measure our success by a mere number of investment deals
we mediated, but rather, by the number of successful
business stories we managed.”

Zijad Berbić, founder

Our services

We can use one of two approaches in Project Selection Process

Search SWOTTED Platform of Pre-Selected Project
Filtered Projects available on the market ready for investment (Initial Analysis is conducted by SWOTTED) or information about the potential projects identified in specific industry.

Customized deep market research
For Investors with specific inputs on desirable investment opportunities we do Customized Approach that includes very deep market research to find the most suitable investment opportunity based on our Client’s instructions & inputs.

SIM Project Selection Services

In this phase, on our Client’s request, we can work alone or in cooperation with one or more independent offices for M&A.

Deep Analysis & Due Diligence – Optional
We offer our services of Deep Analysis and Due Diligence as financial advisors, to ensure project viability and to identify and manage potential associated risks, before Capital is invested into a project.

In the close relation with Investor we bear the full Negotiation process in the best interest of our Client. Our investment approach is focused on value discovery, not on price discovery.

SIM Pre-Management Services

After closing the deal, we continue to take care about our Client’s projects

Company / Project Strategy & Managemet SetUp
We organize & manage starting up of all business processes, including optimal internal structure and management hiring, as well as business and growth strategy.

Investment Cycle Control & Supervision
We are investors’ long term partners which means that we follow investment during investment cycle, supervise management performance for optimal investment return.

SWOTTED Management Services

Investment-Ready Projects

Opportunity Teasers

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Beauty Center – “Your Medical Beauty Destination”

EUR 585.000 (expected IRR 46%, ROI 3-4 years) - Beauty industry, with products and services that help us look ‘’the best’’, whatsoever this ‘’the best’’ means, is one of the fast-growing industries of the new era, both in developed societies, and, increasingly, in developing ones. In regards to that, the margins are above average, particularly for more exclusive and selective products and treatments. Besides the strategic concept of the offer, business with its location, interior, service standards, and also special marketing tools and selective approach to clients (VIP club cards) would be positioned as a premium salon which currently doesn’t exist on BH market, and therefore would be separated from the current competition.

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Modern Residential-Commercial Building in the Centre of Sarajevo

Unique piece of architecture with application of modern and high-tech materials. Total net usable area is 1.020m2 and contains: basement, ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor. The object is located in the hottest central city zone where it scarces room for new buildings. The object presents Unique of architecture work with application of modern and high-tech materials. Autochthonous stone, locally known as Bradina, was used as façade cladding.

Image is not available
Sport and Recreation Center Nišići

EUR 13,500,000 (expected IRR 19%, ROI 6-7 years) - On the parcel of 75,000 m2, the following segments are foreseen: Sports center, Hotel, Restaurant, Apartments. Total area of ​​all segments of the project is 21.181 m2 net of used space, gross: 25.000 m2. The plot planned for this project is located on one of the most beautiful plateaus in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nišić plateau, known for its clean air and beautiful landscapes. Nišić plateau becomes more and more attractive for domestic and foreign tourists, so more complementary projects are announced, which will be discussed in the material.

Image is not available
AirVillage Nišići

EUR 4.500.00 (expected IRR 19%) - The project is located on a 29,000 m2 parcel, which has a gentle slope. Because of that, cascading construction is enabled, that ultimately allows uninterrupted view of the surrounding landscape. The project envisages the construction of 16 duplex villas and an apart hotel, which consists of 16 apartments, restaurants and Wellness & Spa, and aircraft hangars. The parcel planned for this project is located on one of the most beautiful plateaus in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nišić plateau, known for its clean air and beautiful landscapes. This is a unique project because it is positioned at a location where the potential and growing demand for flight training, private aircraft and enjoyment in these activities are already recognized. The project already has a basic infrastructure to make this specific weekend resort for target niche, as it is located close to the flying school with constructed hangars, runway and growing popularity in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. By doing so, micro-locating is already recognizable as a pilot valley.

Image is not available
Multifunctional Development Real Estate Project “Ilijaš”

EUR 8.752.636 (expected IRR 12%) - on the land area of 4.618,00 m² we located building with total gross area of 14.485,80 m². We divided the building on three units: residential, commercial and retail, because we believe that with this mix used function the investment can deliver best return, although some parts of project seems to be more attractive then another.
We chose this location because in the last period Municipality Ilijaš has started to be attractive area for investors who come from Middle East. They are buying houses for individual leaving, but also there is some big settlement projects around Ilijaš center. Our project has the central location in this area and supposed to be the place of assembly of life in this Municipality.

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Production of “Đulbešećer” rose in the glass greenhouse

EUR 1.225.311 (ROI 5-6 years) - Rosa Damascene is an autochthonous đulbešećer rose that originates from Syria. It arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina through Bulgaria and Turkey two hundred years ago. The delicacy of this beautiful rose, whose real name is Rosa Damascena, are extremely appreciated in the world. It is used for making perfumes and liqueurs. Cosmetics made from rose oil were produced in ancient Egypt and Rome, and it is very much the case even today. The healing properties of rose; Leaves and rose petals are refreshing, and tea made from it can lower body temperature, and cleanse the body from toxins. It boosts immunity and cleans the lungs, which makes it an excellent tonic for people with reduced body resistance. Which is quite understandable given the technology of production requires manual labour and effort, the period of production is extremely short, and the process of production is sensitive and dependent on a number of factors. Production of roses in a greenhouse with heating, using hydroponic farming method lasts all year long.

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Commercial production of tomatoes in professional glass greenhouses with heating

EUR 1.199.982 (ROI 5-6 years) - Vegetable production is currently the most profitable branch in plant production industry. The production of greenhouse vegetable has remarkable biological and economic significance. It provides with fresh vegetable during autumn, winter, and spring. Tomato production in a greenhouse with heating, using hydroponic cultivation method is possible throughout the whole year.

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Farm for fattening of young cattle

EUR 1.223.496 (ROI 5 years) - Cattle breeding is the most significant branch in livestock breeding industry, and one of two most important industry branches of agriculture. It provides with two basic products: milk and meat. Cattle fattening is the second most important category in cattle breeding. Fattening process is 280 days long, which represents the benefit to this type of production.

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Our Management Board

Zijad Berbić

I am, personally, an investor who often seeks for new investment opportunities and explores new markets. In Western Balkans you can find an uncut diamond, and, with the help of skillful know-how management, you create a successful business story.

Sabina Biser
managing director

Entrepreneurs and investors have strong six sense for recognising good business opportunities. For opportunities to become viable, associate numbers play critical role in those envisions and we are the ones who flip numbers until numbers reflect a business potential.


Belma Mujadinović,
managing partner

From our experience, we are aware of investors' intention of reaching a market where they sense strong "money making potential". Consequently, we also know that understanding local way of doing business is a critical key for reaching investor's goal, what is our role.

Lamija Pintol
project manager - Dubai office

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