Our Principles & Approach

Core Principles

Transparency | Simplicity | Openness

Our business story is grounded on core principles of transparency, simplicity and openness, underpinned by pervading notion of complete focus on creating a long-term relationship with our clients.

We have gathered a team of industry professionals who share a vision of how Swotted Investment Managers can and should operate, and is united by a shared belief in the value of transparency, simplicity and openness. Most importantly, we are committed to the goal of exceptional long-term management of our clients’ investment.

Our Approach

Return Driven Project Selection | Disciplined Strategy | Protecting Investors’ Capital

Our approach is focused not only on discovery of price, but also on the value. We believe that by focusing on valuation and identifying projects that can deliver sustainable growth, now or in the future, we can deliver long – term outcomes to our investors.

In our approach we deliver rigorous fundamental analysis of projects, combined with our perspective of the economic variables that may have impact on them. This enables us to construct robust investment rationales.