Our services

We can use one of two approaches in Project Selection Process

Search SWOTTED Platform of Pre-Selected Project
Filtered Projects available on the market ready for investment (Initial Analysis is conducted by SWOTTED)
or information about the potential projects identified in specific industry.

Customized deep market research
For Investors with specific inputs on desirable investment opportunities we do
Customized Approach that includes very deep market research to find the most
suitable investment opportunity based on our Client’s instructions & inputs.

SIM Project Selection Services

In this phase, on our Client’s request, we can work alone or in cooperation with one or
more independent offices for M&A.

Deep Analysis & Due Diligence – Optional
We offer our services of Deep Analysis and Due Diligence as financial advisors,
to ensure project viability and to identify and manage potential associated risks,
before Capital is invested into a project.

In the close relation with Investor we bear the full
Negotiation process in the best interest of our Client.
Our investment approach is focused on value discovery, not on price discovery.

SIM Pre-Management Services

After closing the deal, we continue to take care about our Client’s projects

Company / Project Strategy & Managemet SetUp
We organize & manage starting up of all business processes, including optimal internal structure and management hiring, as well as business and growth strategy.

Investment Cycle Control & Supervision
We are investors’ long term partners which means that we follow investment during investment cycle, supervise management performance for optimal investment return.

SWOTTED Management Services